Visiting our Produce at the Walker

Visit the Urban Roots produce this weekend, October 12-13, on the Forager’s Circle inside the Walker Art Center!

Urban Roots teen interns and program staff made a visit to the Walker Art Center yesterday afternoon to view the exhibit, Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City, which explores the connection between people’s use and relationship with plant materials and other organic derived products in mostly urban environments around the world.

The exhibit traveled to Minneapolis this year, carrying with it an archive of produced materials from other cities on display. Each weekend a selection of organic materials such as produce, flowers and herbs are displayed on wooden pedestals on the circular rug in the gallery. Currently, Urban Roots was selected to provide materials from our gardens for the exhibit space! We provided beautiful garden goodies such as purple pac choi, mini orange bell peppers, dried sunflower heads, thai basil, eggplant and more.

It was very fun to visit the exhibit with some of our intern group. The space is very welcoming as you are able to take your shoes off and drink tea, or knit a creation on the rug. There was also a large scale map of the city where visitors can pin areas in which they grow food in the city to map the scale of production. We put our six pins down on the East Side — after much deliberation as to the exact locations. After participating in the exhibit, we roamed some other galleries and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine in the sculpture garden. For many of the interns it was their first visit to the Walker Art Center and a great experience to bring them there! We hope you visit the exhibit this weekend.

Tomato art urban art
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