Now Recruiting Board Members

The Board of Directors of Urban Roots is currently seeking individuals to join our group of dedicated professionals working to fulfill Urban Roots’ mission.

Urban Roots is a youth development organization located in East Side Saint Paul with the mission to build vibrant and healthy communities through youth development, food, conservation and entrepreneurship. Our vision is for youth to learn, contribute, navigate and thrive by leading and innovating around food, conservation, wellness and entrepreneurship all through engaging and connecting with their community. We prepare youth for their own future prosperities. We operate three main programs; Market Garden, Cooking and Wellness, and Conservation, and employ 60 teens each year in these programs.

Prospective board members exhibit essential qualities of a commitment to our purpose, financial stewardship and active leadership. Our expectations for board members include:

*Fulfillment of three year Board term.
*Regular participation in Board meetings and committee work, approximately 10-12 times per year (approximately 8-12 hours per month).
*Participation in fundraising.
*Advocacy on behalf of the organization; promoting it’s efforts, building networks and making connections to resources wherever possible.

If interested, please complete an application by including:

*Your contact information (email and telephone)
*Your resume, bio or CV
*A cover letter addressing these three questions:

1. Can you responsibly commit to meeting the term and expected work load requirements?
2. Why are you interested in serving on this particular board?
3. What professional or volunteer experience, including having served on a board or governing committee, uniquely qualifies you to serve on the board?

Please email the application to by September 4, 2015. A member of the Board will follow-up with applicants by mid-September.


The Board Development Committee
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