Urban Roots is Recruiting New Board Members


The Board of Directors of Urban Roots in Saint Paul, MN is seeking individuals to join the group of dedicated professionals working to fulfill Urban Roots’ mission of building vibrant and healthy communities through food, conservation and youth development.

Urban Roots is a youth development nonprofit organization located on the East Side of St. Paul. Through three main community service and social entrepreneurship programs, Market Gardening, Cooking and Wellness and Conservation, Urban Roots works with teens ages 14-18 years old to develop skills, knowledge and social-emotional character so that youth can learn, navigate, contribute and thrive in their communities and their lives. You may learn more about our work on our website at www.urbanrootsmn.org.

Prospective board members exhibit essential qualities of a commitment to our purpose, financial stewardship and active leadership. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the Board Development Committee at urbanrootsboard@gmail.com  to request an application.

Applications will be accepted until November 20, 2015, or until positions are filled. A member of the Committee will be following up with applicants.

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