Urban Roots, Youth Grown Produce at the Mill City Farmers Market!

Farmers market season is at its most bountiful during September & October in our opinion! We love the late summer crops that are still producing like peppers, tomatoes and summer squash…just to name a few.  As those crops start to peter out with the cooler temps, we welcome tasty greens such as kale, cilantro and arugula and our favorite root crops like watermelon radish, purple potatoes and leeks.  You can find our booth every Saturday through September & October on the Chicago Mall at the Mill City Farmers Market, full of fresh veggies and our talented youth Farm Sales Crew selling the crops they grew! September hours are 8am-1pm and October hours are 9am-1pm, so mark your calendars and stop on by to shop this beautiful market.  Remember the market doesn’t cease with the weather changes, it moves into the Mill City Museum every other week throughout the winter, we will post those dates soon and you can pick up storage crops and our small batch garden canned foods all season long.  See you at the market!

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