Harvesting with Global Guests

The group from the International Visitors Leadership Program arrived at our 3rd and Maria gardens on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. It was a perfect day to be outside and get a little garden work done! We introduced our organization to the visitors, sharing our mission and program practices. We focused specifically on our garden program and youth internship participants as the group was interested in hearing about sustainable agriculture and agriculture education in the United States.

Youth had the chance to hear about the interesting careers of the visitors that ranged from a political advisor in European Parliament, Director of Meat Exports in Australia and a chief Horticulture Officer for the Government of Bhutan, to name a few. After introductions, the group did some hands-on work in our gardens harvesting beans, ground cherries and swiss chard. They then cut flowers that we will be drying for winter markets. All in all it was a great experience. The visitors were very engaging and Urban Roots youth and staff and a great time meeting new people from around the globe!
global guests 2global guests