Are you a youth that applied to Right Track? Make sure to select Urban Roots in the job bank from March 9th-19th.

Urban Roots offers youth ages 14-21 from Saint Paul’s East Side paid internships in our three program areas: Market Garden, Conservation and Cook Fresh. Our progressive program model engages youth in career exploration, entrepreneurial ventures, 21st Century job skills, self-discovery and more!

urban roots market garden

Market Garden

Market Garden youth interns plant, maintain, and harvest small-scale crop production within our urban gardens. We promote entrepreneurship by teaching youth interns to manage gardens and crops for distribution to community supported agriculture (CSA) shares, Farmers Market, Roots for the Home Team, hunger relief efforts, youth families, restaurants and small-batch food preservation for

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urban roots cook fresh

Cook Fresh

Youth interns learn about the food we grow and how to prepare it fresh from the garden. Youth also create seed-to-table meals for chef-lead lunches for summer programming, create healthy recipes for affordable meals, and help teach youth and family cooking classes. Teaching scalable cooking and creating value-added products from our own garden harvest for market, such as chutneys, salsa

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urban roots conservation


Conservation youth interns support and improve green spaces around the East Side, and participate in the restoration of local parks through removal of invasive plant material, native seed collection and installation of native plants. We teach hands-on skills through the installation and maintenance of rain and pollinator gardens in public and private spaces. Youth also engage in citizen

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