Get Outside for Winter Fun!

Early this January neighborhood youth were invited to stop by The Sun Ray Natural Library to pick up a copy of “Disaster Strikes: Blizzard Night.” This suspenseful book portrays a group of courageous siblings left to their own devices in the Michigan wilderness during a blizzard. This last Saturday, nearly 20 youth arrived at the library excited to discuss the book and participate in a presentation on dressing appropriately for winter weather. Next came a game of charades with a winter “first-aid” theme, and then the highlight of the day-building a snow shelter! The kids had a blast digging into mounds of snow, crafting the perfect sculpture with great enthusiasm. A blazing fire and roasted marshmallows warmed them between construction stints – all a first for most of the participants.


More winter fun is underway with Urban Roots youth interns busily at work creating large, dynamic puppets to be featured in the dramatization of Shingebiss, an Ojibwe legend about a merganser duck who battles the spirit of winter. The performance will occur on Feb 20th at the Phalen Freeze Fest, a celebration promoting outdoor activities in winter. In addition to the puppet performance, there will be ice fishing, boot hockey, a story walk, snow shoeing, and roasting treats over a fire. Phalen Freeze fest will take place at the Lakeside Center on Phalen Lake at 1530 Phalen Drive, and run from 4- 7pm.