Youth Intern "Iron Chef" Competition

As a fun end-of-session activity, the Nutrition Corps held an “Iron Chef” competition. The group split into two teams: Tehut and Va versus Imogene and KZP.

The teams had one hour to decide on recipes, cook the recipe and plate the dish. They had access to anything from the Nutrition Corps refrigerator or pantry and were additionally required to use two produce items.

To keep in the theme of Iron Chef, halfway into their cooking time they were given a new ingredient that both teams had to incorporate. The secret ingredient? Maple syrup!

The dishes were presented to the judges, Rebecca and Summer. Judging was based on three criteria –taste, creativity, and presentation. Tehut and Va made a veggie spring roll with a soy sauce and maple syrup sauce. Imogene and KZP made a spicy couscous with a pineapple pickled beet salad.

After the judges awarded points, Tehut and Va won in a narrow margin victory. What a fun afternoon!

DSCN1854 DSCN1845
 DSCN1856  DSCN1855