Maplewood Nature Center Visit

Despite the chilly winter temperatures, youth interns from our Conservation and Market Garden Crews visited the Maplewood Nature Center this week. While at the nature center, they learned about solar energy, saw a live salamander and snowshoed on hiking tails in the park.

This was the first time any of these youth interns had been snowshoeing and they had a blast! They walked out on a lake and discovered a muskrat lodge and a red wing blackbird nest in the cattails. Maplewood Nature Center Naturalists Oakley and Janet taught the youth about what some of the animals in the area do over the winter, and how to identify trees such as willow and red twig dogwood.

Urban Roots will be visiting the nature center again on April 18 to help out with their Outdoor Family Expo. We hope you join us for a terrific time!