Newest Addition has Our Youth Interns Buzzing

This summer our staff increased by the thousands! Thousands of bees, that is.

Through a partnership with Pollinate MN and an Innovation Grant from Sprockets, we were able to introduce two honey bee hives to our garden space around the Urban Roots office and demonstration site. Each hive houses around 50,000 bees! Our bees have been busy all summer pollinating our crops and other flowers in the area, all while making close to 100 pounds of honey, which they’ll need to make it through our cold winter months.

Throughout the summer, our youth interns learned a lot about honey bees. They each had the chance to put on a bee suit and open up the hives to see what goes on inside those buzzing boxes.

St. Paul Parks and Recreation’s EcoRanger Academy and YouthCare’s Youth LEAD program also got a chance to come visit our site and learn about the bees.

The hives have been a great addition to Urban Roots, providing another hands on opportunity for education and building connections to the natural world, as well as providing benefits to all the gardens in the neighborhood!